Admission charges. What do they cover and why are they charged?

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Discount for families of 2 Adults and 2 Children. Under 7s have free entry.

Visitors can only gain access to the village on foot.

Your entrance fee to Clovelly covers:

  • Parking at the Visitor Centre
  • A 20 minute audio-visual film which tells the fascinating history of Clovelly
  • Two museums; Kingsley Museum and Fisherman’s Cottage
  • Clovelly Court Gardens

For the best possible experience, we strongly recommend that you first watch the audio-visual show of the history of the village at the Visitor Centre, then browse the shops and craft centre before strolling down the street to the working port. 

Clovelly is a privately owned village, once owned by the Queen of England. From Elizabethan days until today, Clovelly has been in private ownership, which has helped preserve its original atmosphere.  

A substantial part of your fee contributes towards the maintenance of the village, which plays a vital role in ensuring Clovelly retains its unique charm and character.  The costly restoration work is carried out to rigorous standards, with slate being replaced with slate, and oak with oak. 

Clovelly has changed so little over the centuries and this is particularly evident in photographs as well as in work inspired by the village, created by great artists, poets and authors, including Turner, Dickens, Kingsley, Rex Whistler and many more