Do people live in the village cottages?

Clovelly is a privately owned village, with full time occupation of cottages a condition of tenancy. There are no holiday homes in Clovelly. The strong and vibrant community of Clovelly residents take great pride in our unique village. Houses are occupied by families who live and work in the area and many have had a long association with the village as fishermen, residents, estate workers or they work for the village businesses, some going back for many generations.

There are 83 houses and circa 300 residents. The numbering of the houses is unusual in that it starts from the top down the left-hand side of the street (known as ‘Down-a-long’) and then from the harbour up the other side of the street (known as ‘Up-a-long’) so that the first and last numbered cottages are both at the top of the high street.