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Storm Troupers: The Fight to Forecast the Weather. BBC 4 'BBC4 came to film the barometer at the Clovelly Lookout in February: Episode 1 broadcast on 23 May available for 28 days: The series is about the history of weather forecasting from its beginnings to present day forecasting which helps businesses to maximise profits and to predict ever changing climates and weather patterns.

The Boat Stories series of ten short films, directed and produced by Jo Stewart-Smith, are continuing to make big waves for North Devon.  'Fishing for Clovelly Herring' (starring Stephen Perham, fisherman and Clovelly Harbour Master) has been chosen by the jury for Plymouth Film Festival on 13-15 May.  Selected from over 450 submissions, this lively film will be shown as part of the Sunday brunch session and is up for best documentary, best of the South West and the people's choice award. Jo... more

“When The Sea Calls" is a feel good film which offers an alternative take on modern life. If ’the rat race’ resides at one end of the social spectrum, then the lives portrayed here reside at the other. Set in an idyllic fishing village on the North Devon coast, "When The Sea Calls" introduces three very different characters, sharing at the centre of their world a common friend and master; the ocean. From a retired fisherman now ferrying tourists around the bay, to a free spirited ocean swimmer... more