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“When The Sea Calls" is a feel good film which offers an alternative take on modern life. If ’the rat race’ resides at one end of the social spectrum, then the lives portrayed here reside at the other. Set in an idyllic fishing village on the North Devon coast, "When The Sea Calls" introduces three very different characters, sharing at the centre of their world a common friend and master; the ocean. From a retired fisherman now ferrying tourists around the bay, to a free spirited ocean swimmer... more

Ben Fogle set off from Clovelly last year on a mission to hunt for sharks dragging a dead whale as bait.   Two documentaries with Ben Fogle and Ellie Harrison both go on air on ITV on Good Friday 25 March "Britain's Whales" at 8 pm and "Britain's Sharks" at 9 pm

The early morning crash of boulder and stone being swept away from the harbour entrance by contracting swing shovels and dumper trucks heralds in the fresh bright clean spring; each year the longshore gales pour great banks of stones across the harbour entrance, closing the door on the harbour. This is spring cleaning Clovelly style. Cobweb lobster pots line the quay wall, being readied for another long salty soaking. Fishing boats, wherever they may have hidden for their long seasonal slumber... more