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Watch the trailer Watch the official trailer released for the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society film scheduled for general release on 20th April.  Shooting parts of the film in North Devon took place last year including Clovelly and nearby Hartland Abbey last May.  In the trailer, see how many views you can spot if both are familiar.   7 view 325 1 Math expression: 1001
RHS Britain in Bloom Finalist! Last year Clovelly won a third consecutive Gold award in the South West region of the RHS Britain in Bloom competition and a 'Best in Group' trophy with Mary Mortimer cup, thanks to the Gardening Group and all residents.   7 view 323 2 Math expression: 1002
'Storm Eleanor' by Stephen Perham The spirited New Year had hardly got its hat on before beginning its merry mischief of mayhem, slamming the door on the quiet embers of the worn out old reign, intent on fun, starting out as it means to carry on. 7 view 319 3 Math expression: 1003
An amusing poem in ancient Greek in the Red Lion Visitor book A former Sherborne School pupil, James Kierstead, winner of the Marson Greek Prize, and now a Lecturer in Classics at the Victoria University of Wellington, N.Z., has written an article in The Shirburnian about this poem in ancient Greek, remarkably composed and written by a Sherborne pupil in the Visitor's Book at the Red Lion during his overnight stay in 1889! 7 view 318 4 Math expression: 1004
'A Song for a Herring' by Stephen Perham I lifted the marline end of the board net revealing the fish, steadily hauling back, finding hundreds of startling silver herring enmeshed and gilled throughout its length. We only had four nets out, half of what we carry, yet still the fish were filling the boat, hanging from the meshes in heavy bunches. 7 view 317 5 Math expression: 1005
Clovelly wins a S.W. in Bloom gold award! Clovelly is delighted to have received two prestigious awards in the 2017 South West in Bloom competition.  The Clovelly Gardening Group has won a third Gold Award and a 'Best in Group' Mary Mortimer trophy. Photo taken at the award presentation.  L-R: The Hon. John Rous, Peter Townsend, Ellie Jarvis, Su Maddocks, Lady and Lord Fellowes and Cllr. Anne Brooks, Chairwoman of Torbay Council. 7 view 316 6 Math expression: 1006
Clovelly one of Britain's top 10 prettiest fishing villages Clovelly is delighted to have been named one of the prettiest fishing villages in Britain by BBC Countryfile Magazine, which took into account all the villages have to offer, including restaurants, boats, hotels, museums and harbours, as well as listing some important local history and websites to visit. Clovelly's car-less cobbled streets, Red Lion Hotel bar, harbour, galleries and shops were some of the recommended features. 7 view 312 7 Math expression: 1007
Devon Job Swap Challenge The Hon.John Rous (left), owner of Clovelly, and Rick Turner (right), Director of The Big Sheep, agreed to swap running their attractions on a recent busy day this August. Both thoroughly enjoyed their time out to try managing a very different attraction to their own. 7 view 310 8 Math expression: 1008
August Sights and Sounds. Blog by Stephen Perham In the beautiful village of Clovelly the happy weeks of August are punctuated by lively festivals and exciting celebrations. Sights, sounds and colours decorate the long days; flowers bloom into the peak of their performance, the simmering sea invites the swimmer to plunge in, the cobbled streets echo with the percussive ripple of daily visiting trippers, laughing, remarking and exclaiming at the perfection of a high summer’s month in an English idyll. 7 view 309 9 Math expression: 1009
Em Long's Wedding blog Clovelly is classed by some as an alternative wedding venue.  It encaptures the traditional aspects of what would be classed as an outside venue for a wedding, and has elements of what are often highlighted as quirky or alternative. Bridal couples are drawn to Clovelly due to these aspects, however, with this in mind, Clovelly is different in so many ways to many other alternative venues within the South West. 7 view 307 10 Math expression: 1010
'Never a Dull Moment in Clovelly'. Blog by Ellie Jarvis Recently the village was used as a location for a film adaptation of ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ — Starring Lily James and Michiel Huisman. Directed by Mike Newell, known for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, plus Four Weddings and a Funeral. 7 view 306 11 Math expression: 1011
Clovelly wins a Group Travel Award! The owner of Clovelly, The Hon. John Rous and front of house staff, were honoured and proud to win the Award for the development of Incoming Group Visitors by ensuring that overseas visitors, with many groups from Germany, receive an excellent welcome with visitor material tailored to their needs. 7 view 305 12 Math expression: 1012
Flightnetwork, Canada, blog Clovelly features as one of the UK's most charming towns 7 view 304 13 Math expression: 1013
May filming at Clovelly: 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ is a film adaptation of Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows’ historical novel of the same name, published in 2008, which sold 7.5 million copies in 37 countries.  The story is set in Guernsey where journalist, Juliet Ashton, has a life-changing bond, when she decided to write about a secret book club, which was formed during the WWII German occupation.   We are delighted that Clovelly is one of the film locations. Film shooting starts at the harbour at the beginning of May and finishes at Mouthmill.  7 view 303 14 Math expression: 1014
Views of the Neighbourhood. Stephen Perham's blog When you set foot upon the cobble stone pathways and byways of Clovelly's quaint and ancient honeysuckled trails you have begun a journey that meanders through the lives and centuries of one of Devon’s finest maids. But in order to admire such beauty sometimes it is better to stand back and gaze afresh at the startling white cottages with their windows on the sea trickling randomly down the vibrantly wooded cliff to the soft caressing of the rolling ocean, tipping its white capped horses on to the shore. 7 view 302 15 Math expression: 1015
Clovelly features in Best Road Trips in the UK and Ireland City Vehicle Leasing's full article with photos can be viewed HERE 7 view 301 16 Math expression: 1016
Clovelly Lifeboat Station, Stephen Perham's blog It’s not everyone’s idea of fun, some may even wonder why! Downing the tools, dinners left to go cold on the table, half started conversations interrupted by the excited bleep of the pager, the running stumbling out of doors, uncombed hair, and that odd sock moment. The call, the shout, the lifeboat requested on service, the reason for the training, the endless training, the heavy booted stomp of the hurried, unlaced feet. 7 view 297 17 Math expression: 1017
"A good walk" by Christopher Somerville, Travel Writer "A good walk.  Clovelly and Brownsham.", by Christopher Somerville, Travel Writer. (published in The Times, 14 January). Full article with photos can be viewed HERE   7 view 296 18 Math expression: 1018
Tales from the Coast with Robson Green, ITV Tales from the Coast with Robson Green.  ITV, Tuesday 31st January. Clovelly featured in this first episode after Ilfracombe, when Robson travelled to North Devon, a 90-mile stretch of coast holding fond childhood memories for him. 7 view 295 19 Math expression: 1019
Winter in Clovelly. Blog by Ellie Jarvis In many respects time has stood still here in Clovelly and for most, the hustle and bustle of modern life seems to melt away as you set foot on the famously steep cobbled street.  People are naturally fascinated by the difficulties and quirks of living in such a beautiful and unique village and I’m often asked what it’s like to live here. Clovelly is privately owned, and although many thousands of visitors enjoy the village during the summer season, visiting during the quiet winter months often gives a greater sense of what it’s like to live here in the village. 7 view 293 20 Math expression: 1020
A Pawfect Weekend in Clovelly. Blog by Kate Taylor, Kate Taylor,, was very impressed with how dog-friendly Clovelly is.  Dotty4Paws is a website for everything doggy to provide a central hub where dog owners can communicate with one another and give their furry friends a better life. Click on HERE to read her delightful blog about Kate's visit to Clovelly with her dog, Poppy.   7 view 292 21 Math expression: 1021
Memorial Cross, Mt. Pleasant, now listed The Manners Memorial Cross and Peace Park Stone Plaque, Mount Pleasant, Clovelly, has been added to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.  It was assessed for listing as part of Historic England’s First World War Commemoration project.  The memorial is now listed at Grade II and was recommended for the following principal reasons: * Historic interest:  as an eloquent witness to the tragic impact of world events on this local community and the sacrifices it made in the First World War; 7 view 291 22 Math expression: 1022
Gold Award for Clovelly! South West in Bloom Clovelly is delighted to have received two prestigious awards in the 2017 South West in Bloom competition.  The Clovelly Gardening Group has won a third Gold Award and a 'Best in Group' Mary Mortimer trophy. Photo taken at the award presentation.  L-R: The Hon. John Rous, Peter Townsend, Ellie Jarvis, Su Maddocks, Lady and Lord Fellowes and Cllr. Anne Brooks, Chairwoman of Torbay Council. 7 view 290 23 Math expression: 1023
Escape to the Country, BBC2 In a forthcoming episode (details of date and time will be posted up), viewers can follow a couple who are keen to find a house in North Devon.  Clovelly was filmed in the village and harbour to show how beautiful the area is and offers a calm reflection of the days when speed, noise and stress were not what they are today. 7 view 289 24 Math expression: 1024
Blog: 'Luff Boy Cottage' by Stephen Perham Recently I was given as a gift a book, a photograph and a postcard. The book was an award to an old resident of Clovelly for school attendance dated 1914-15 and will rightly find a home in the Clovelly archives. The photograph was also about an award, but this time of a life saved and was of the presentation to four Clovelly fishermen, one of whom was my father. The postcard was from Canada, picturing buffaloes grazing and it was dated August 15th 1906. It was addressed to Master B Pengilly, Luff Boy Cottage, Clovelly, N, Devon, England. 7 view 288 25 Math expression: 1025
Blog: 'Living in Clovelly' by Ellie Jarvis Living in Clovelly Every day the tide washes up across the stones in the harbour and touches ‘Crazy Kate’s’ cottage,where I live.I often overhear visitors discussing the property and thinking out loud about life in Clovelly. It wasn’t so long ago that I too looked on from the harbour, daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a house like this… 7 view 286 26 Math expression: 1026
Blog: Ghosts, Angels Wings and the Koran by Stephen Perham In a village like Clovelly stories abound of fortune and misfortune, the tragedy and the comedy, the romance and the forsaken, the legend often embellished, the ghost story often told. 7 view 285 27 Math expression: 1027
'Growing for the whole village' The 13th July issue of Country Life Magazine included a 6 page article on Clovelly Court Gardens. "The whole garden, in its setting of mansion, church and surrounding rugged landscape, is intensely atmospheric, but in its present unpretentiously flourishing conditions, it is also intensely encouraging: proof that, given the right conditions and approach, there can still be a viable future for a traditional walled garden". 7 view 284 28 Math expression: 1028
July Yarn-bomb blog by Ellie Jarvis Clovelly is looking even more colourful than usual after yarn-bombers have been at work. A Clovelly fishing boat has been yarn-bombed, there are poppy garlands at the Remembrance gardens, knitted donkeys plus much more ~ there’s even a life-sized model of the Queen! There was an opening ceremony on 2nd July; an opportunity for people who gave their beautiful work to the Yarn-bomb, to visit the village and see their work on display. It also marked the beginning of our fundraising for Devon Air Ambulance Trust. 7 view 281 29 Math expression: 1029
North Devon Firefly Faery Fayre & Ball, Saturday 23rd July 7 view 280 30 Math expression: 1030
July: Donate to our Clovelly Yarn Bomb in aid of Devon Air Ambulance Trust! Blog by Ellie Jarvis: If you visit Clovelly during the month of July you’ll discover yarn-bombed* areas of our picturesque fishing village, with knitted donkeys, seaside garlands, pom-poms, crocheted ‘cobble-cosies’ plus much more!  Co-ordinated by Clovelly Silk in conjunction with Clovelly Community Gardening Group, this will be the second time that Clovelly has been yarn bombed, with the help of people from all over the UK and abroad who are donating beautiful yarn samples. 7 view 274 31 Math expression: 1031
Sea Visitor. Blog by Stephen Perham, Harbour Master. It had been a blustery day. Cold winds settling in from the harsh North West had filled the bay with a scattering of wild white horses; boats remained within the shelter of the pier unable to tend to their lobster pots or possible passengers. As the early evening spread I settled down to read through an archived newspaper article concerning the fleeing from bankruptcy of Rowland Stephenson, a distinguished member of parliament, who had landed at Clovelly on the 31st of December in 1829 aboard the locally owned pilot cutter “Sally”. 7 view 277 32 Math expression: 1032
Cliff Accident, 11th May A 73 year old man in a coach party deviated off the main street to enter a cottage garden thinking he could make his way down the cliff from there.  As he progressed he then became entangled in brambles and shouted for help.  The rescue started from the garden with locals, Tommy and Stephen Perham holding a rope for Adam Beani and Algis to climb down and cut him free. The coach party guide had informed them that the man was sadly suffering from an onset of dementia.  Robson Green (who was filming at Clovelly) called the Coastguard and a helicopter arrived from Wales to winch him up and land 7 view 276 33 Math expression: 1033
BBC4. Storm Troupers Storm Troupers: The Fight to Forecast the Weather. BBC 4 'BBC4 came to film the barometer at the Clovelly Lookout in February: Episode 1 broadcast on 23 May available for 28 days: 7 view 279 34 Math expression: 1034
Boat Stories films: Fishing for Clovelly Herring. Plymouth Film Festival, 13-15 May The Boat Stories series of ten short films, directed and produced by Jo Stewart-Smith, are continuing to make big waves for North Devon.  'Fishing for Clovelly Herring' (starring Stephen Perham, fisherman and Clovelly Harbour Master) has been chosen by the jury for Plymouth Film Festival on 13-15 May.  Selected from over 450 submissions, this lively film will be shown as part of the Sunday brunch session and is up for best documentary, best of the South West and the people's choice award. 7 view 275 35 Math expression: 1035
"When the sea calls", Sunday 24 April. Ilfracombe Film Festival “When The Sea Calls" is a feel good film which offers an alternative take on modern life. If ’the rat race’ resides at one end of the social spectrum, then the lives portrayed here reside at the other. 7 view 272 36 Math expression: 1036
In search of sharks (Ben Fogle) Ben Fogle set off from Clovelly last year on a mission to hunt for sharks dragging a dead whale as bait.   Two documentaries with Ben Fogle and Ellie Harrison both go on air on ITV on Good Friday 25 March "Britain's Whales" at 8 pm and "Britain's Sharks" at 9 pm 7 view 271 37 Math expression: 1037
Blog: Spring Cleaning by Stephen Perham The early morning crash of boulder and stone being swept away from the harbour entrance by contracting swing shovels and dumper trucks heralds in the fresh bright clean spring; each year the longshore gales pour great banks of stones across the harbour entrance, closing the door on the harbour. This is spring cleaning Clovelly style. Cobweb lobster pots line the quay wall, being readied for another long salty soaking. Fishing boats, wherever they may have hidden for their long seasonal slumber, start stirring as the weak spring sunshine gets just that little bit warmer. 7 view 270 38 Math expression: 1038
Blog: Lentsherd by Ellie Jarvis Lentsherd: An unusual Clovelly Shrove Tuesday tradition. Clovelly is a close community, uniquely linked to the past, fiercely proud of its fishing heritage as well as the history of its residents, and the traditions which have meant so much to so many.  7 view 267 39 Math expression: 1039
BBC4. History of Weather Forecasting BBC4 came to film our barometer at the Clovelly Lookout in February for their upcoming series about the history of weather forecastingfrom it’s beginnings to present day forecasting which helps businesses to maximise profits and to predict ever changing climates and weather patterns. . EPISODE 1: MEASURING WEATHER: FROM SUPERSTITION TO SCIENCE FITZROY’S LIFE TIME: 1780-1865  EPISODE 2 –WEATHER AND WAR FITZROY’S DEATH TO D-DAY (1865-1944) 7 view 266 40 Math expression: 1040
'Escape to the Country', 16 February Clovelly features in 'Escape to the Country', BBC 1, on Tuesday 16 February at 3pm 7 view 265 41 Math expression: 1041
BBC Country File filming in Clovelly. Watch the episode! [Photo:  Presenter Ellie Harrison with Jack Lowe and Duncan Davis] BBC One Country File came to film in Clovelly on 8 January with presenters Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison to find out what life is like for the residents once the tourists have gone.   The programme also featured The Lifeboat Station Project If you missed the episode, you can watch it until 21 February by clicking HERE   7 view 244 42 Math expression: 1042
Tatler Magazine gave Clovelly a massive spread, August issue The August issue of Tatler Magazine, under Fashion content, included 10 pages of superb photos of a fabulous model  taken at Clovelly: 'Loving Summer. Seaside super-chic" (styled by Deep Kailey and photographed by Will Sanders).  3 photos can be partially viewed on Tatler Facebook  photo page and all on Clovelly Facebook (click on icon on homepage). 7 view 236 43 Math expression: 1043
Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages, Devon & Cornwall, Channel 4 Episode 1 includes Clovelly. Clovelly features at 12.42. To watch, click on:  7 view 235 44 Math expression: 1044
Great Tour charity ride The Great Tour charity ride came to Clovelly on Sunday, 23rd August.  A 64 day circumnavigation of Great Britain by bicycle in aid of several charities, this particular leg of the journey was from Boscastle to Clovelly.  To find out more about the Great Tour, visit 7 view 234 45 Math expression: 1045
Clovelly Fun Trail. Write a poem The Victorian poet, Charles Kingsley, lived in Clovelly as a child.  His poems are full of rhyme, rhythm and alliteration. As part of the Fun Trail, children are invited to write a poem 'in the style of Charles Kingsley' on what they might see, hear, smell and feel. The best poems submitted by children are displayed here (spelling has not been corrected): Song of the Sea Clear and cool, clear and cool, By laughing, gurgling, dreaming sea; Cool and clear, cool and clear, 7 view 233 46 Math expression: 1046
John O'Groats to Lands End Sponsored Walk 63 year old former Royal Marine, Taff Davies (in white in the photo), arrived at Clovelly on 16 July on his walk to Lands End.  The Hon. John Rous was there to greet him at the harbour.  RMA veterans and serving Royal Marines from Commando Logistic Regiment at Braunton accompanied him from Minehead to Bude.  The sponsored walk is on behalf of the RM Charitable Trust Fund, Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer Scotland. 7 view 230 47 Math expression: 1047
Clovelly Yarn-Bombed for Charity Clovelly Yarn-Bombing attracted a huge number of visitors and raised money for the RNLI and Children's Hospice South West.  It will remain in place until the day after  the Maritime Festival. And you can view an album of photos on Clovelly Facebook page. 7 view 229 48 Math expression: 1048
Clovelly Fun Trail. Design a plate Abi Kirbell, Sussex. Alex, Halwill Primary Callum, Halwill Primary 7 view 228 49 Math expression: 1049
Channel 4. Hidden Villages, Series 1 "Hidden Villages", Series 2.  Channel 4.  Dame Penelope Keith explores what the future holds for rural communities.   Filming at Clovelly took place in May.  Pictured talking to the Harbour Master and a boatman. "Escape to the Country", Series 16. BBC1.  Clovelly was also filmed in May for this series. 7 view 224 50 Math expression: 1050
Fishing for Clovelly herring   Boat Stories is a series of short films, produced by Jo Stewart-Smith, about life on and around the water in North Devon.  Fishing for Clovelly herring is the latest; a scenic and moving short film.  To view, click on 7 view 220 51 Math expression: 1051
A Rapturous Royal Welcome   HRH The Princess Royal visited Clovelly on the 6th May to open the beautifully restored Jubilee Fountain in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Local dignitaries, the sculptor of the fountain plaques and inscription, Joe Hemming, and veteran actor and Clovelly resident, Joss Ackland were all presented to the Princess. 7 view 205 52 Math expression: 1052
Swearing In of the High Sheriff of Devon The owner of Clovelly, The Hon. John Rous DL, was sworn in as High Sheriff of Devon at All Saints Church, Clovelly on the 27th March.  His term of office will last 12 months and he succeeds Mr. John Albert Thomas Lee OBE. The Hon. John Rous DL read the formal Declaration of Office, then signed the same and Mrs. Judith Kauntze JP, Chairwoman of the N. and E. Devon Magistrates’ Association, witnessed the Declaration. 7 view 197 53 Math expression: 1053
"In search of England" H V Morton wrote this book, published in 1926, which was a best seller. In it, Clovelly was described as "the old established beauty queen of England - and knows it.  It cannot be left out of any tour because it is unique; an English Amalfi rising sheer above the bay". 1 view 104 54 Math expression: 1054
Clovelly wins Countryfile Best Attraction Award 2012 The Hon. John Rous said how delighted he and the other villagers were to have Clovelly voted as  “BestHeritage Attraction” by the viewers and readers of “Countryfile”. He went on, “ It is a great honour and I believe reflects not just the unique beauty of the place, but also that Clovelly is a "living village" with full-time occupancy a condition of tenancy." 1 view 105 55 Math expression: 1055