Clovelly wins Countryfile Best Attraction Award 2012

The Hon. John Rous said how delighted he and the other villagers were to have Clovelly voted as  “BestHeritage Attraction” by the viewers and readers of “Countryfile”. He went on, “ It is a great honour and I believe reflects not just the unique beauty of the place, but also that Clovelly is a "living village" with full-time occupancy a condition of tenancy."

"As a privately owned village, we hope to take a long term view of any development and combine respect for our fishing tradition with an ability to adapt to changing circumstances For instance we have a festival at the beginning of September to celebrate our good fortune in having some of the country's finest lobsters and crabs, which we catch in the bay just outside the harbour and in November we celebrateour gratitude for the annual arrival of the large shoals of herring with our Herring Festival. These "silver darlings" were once our major source of income."

"We are glad to know that Clovelly is held so fondly by so many people, not just in this country, but throughout the world.”