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"When Richard Prince was Harbour Master around 160 years ago, Clovelly would have been bustling with cargoes of Welsh coal and limestone.  Echoing with the sound of vessels being built along the foreshore, the smells of tar, oakum and freshly sawn timber would have mingled with the odour of herring, cod and whiting, with Devon voices blending with those of sailors from Wales, Ireland and probably further afield.

Much has changed through the years.  Gone are the boat builders. Coal boats no longer call in and the limekiln was last used almost 100 years ago.  The great shoals of herring that brought much wealth to Clovelly have largely gone, and only a small handful of men still venture out to fish in a way hardly changed since Richard Prince's time.  Today the Devon voices are just still discernible amongst those of every region of Britain.

As today's Harbour Master, I have the pleasure of welcoming the many yachts that have discovered Clovelly's secret charms and that return season after season.  We have a colourful regatta for our own pilot gigs, and a series of other annual maritime events celebrating our maritime heritage.

Lobster and crab landed here may be found in the local restaurants or sent away as far as France and Spain. Trips can be taken around Bideford Bay or further to Lundy Island. Fish can be caught by rod and line or bought from local trawlers. Much may have changed over the years, but the harbour still works for its living. You’ll find that it’s well worth a visit."

Stephen Perham, Harbour Master (Tel: 07975 501830)


Fishing from the harbour wall

£5 a night, £20 a year.  Permits from the Harbour Master.

May-October inclusive: fishing from 7pm to 9am only

November-April: fishing at any time

Boat/angling/diving/charter trips.  Fresh fish/shellfish

Neptune BD 69
Stephen Perham            07975501830
Clovelly Harbour Master

Motor boat trips, lobster and Clovelly herring (when in season)

Tidos FH 731
Tommy Perham            07968858279

Lobster and Crab

Aurora YH 33
John Balls        07810561656

Lobster and Crab

Francis Anne BD 8
Mark Winsborrow        07836682291

Fresh Fish

Dave and Doug Walls   01237 431374

Charter trips, fishing trips, day trips   http://www.independentcharters.co.uk/

Lundy Murrelet
Colin Eastman  01237 424228 07974805086

Charter trips, diving, fishing trips

Information for visiting yachts

Download the Clovelly Harbour Chartlet in PDF format here, just right click and save target as.

The chartlet is not to scale, but it is sufficient to guide you safely into a berth alongside the inner wall of the breakwater. At low tide the harbour dries, leaving your vessel to settle on a firm, sandy bottom.

Water, electricity and showers are available and, perhaps more importantly, you’ll find that the hospitality of the Red Lion Hotel is barely a boat’s length away! Here you can enjoy local ales and freshly prepared bar snacks, or a delicious meal (including fresh seafood) cooked by our chefs for the Harbour Restaurant or the Snug Bar – all this to be enjoyed in the wonderful setting of Clovelly’s ancient working harbour.

A new port is always an exciting addition to a ship’s log and, judging by the comments of other visiting yachtsmen, you are certain to be delighted with your visit.

There is a harbour charge per night, irrespective of length, and for use of the showers and electricity.

For further information, contact the Harbour Master, Stephen Perham on 07975 501830, or the Red Lion Hotel on 01237 431237, email: redlion@clovelly.co.uk

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