Wedding Hire Charges 2018-19

Location Room Event Capacity Standing Capacity Seated Charge
New Inn Hamlyn Room Wedding Breakfast   30 £600
    Evening Buffet Reception 60   £600
Red Lion Harbour Room Ceremony 70 50 £1000
    Wedding Breakfast   50 £650
    Evening Buffet Reception 70   £600
Clovelly Court
Great Terrace
  Marquee Reception terrace hire up to 200+ (and other options)
After midnight £150/hr
Clovelly Court Garden Summerhouse   Ceremony (and other options) 10   £700
The Wilderness Summerhouse   Ceremony (and other options) 25   £900


* There is 10% discount off bed and breakfast terms at the hotels, provided both are block-booked for two nights
* For Saturday weddings during the peak season, from April to end October, we require either hotel (or both hotels, if needed) to be block-booked by you on Friday and Saturday nights.
*  Please view the Wedding Pack for the packages offered and other options.
* Unless your booking has been confirmed, prices are subject to change without notice.
* Hire charges are not subject to VAT.