Eating In Clovelly 

From Sunday, 13th September, between 12 noon and 3 pm, the Red lion will be serving Sunday roasts.  Pre-booked tables are available in the dog and family friendly Snug Bar or the Harbour Restaurant.  To book, please call the Red Lion, Tel. 01237 431237.

Eating in Clovelly offers a variety of different foods. Pick one or more of the cafes, bars and restaurants. Choose home cooking in the Up-along Bar  at the New Inn or the Harbour Restaurant  at the Red Lion. The Harbour restaurant, our gourmet restaurant, is open for dinner every evening and has amazing views across the Quay and Harbour.
Lighter meals and snacks can be ordered for lunch and dinner at the Snug and Harbour bars .
The Visitor Centre Bay Tree cafe’ for refreshments before and after visiting the Village. However the very best home made scones are Bea’s at the New Inn.

Clovelly sources as much of its food from the estate. Thus great care is taken in local sourcing. Fresh fish, crabs, lobster are all landed on the quay at Clovelly daily in season. So If you fancy something a bit special, why not order one from the New Inn or Red Lion?  

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We hold Seaweed, Lobster & Crab and Herring food festivals each year along with many other events. They are our celebrations of the maritime history of the Village.

Clovelly is also part of the sustainable fishing partnership. Consequently this covers the National Lobster Hatchery, Padstow.

This ensures our coastal waters have lobster for many years to come. Hence the Lobster and Crab Feast in September each year celebrates this great crustacean delicacy. Field, or quay to plate is our motto. Hence our miles and food are very low and very tasty.  

North Devon tourist board has created a community website and app called the North Devon Food Trail.  All our visitors are able to use them to help find the hidden gems of North Devon’s food.






The Red Lion is featured and we hope you will use it and tell your friends. 

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