The Bay Tree Café

The Bay Tree Café, at the award winning Visitor Centre is where the Clovelly adventure begins.  It’s modelled on a traditional Devon long barn. The interior is light and spacious with its cinema and shopping areas. Hence the film show to helps set the scene before going down the village, freshly made Clovelly fudge and lost of shops to wonder around set the scene.  

The Café is very popular where you can enjoy a freshly made cappuccino and home baking, whilst sitting out on the terrace. There you can savour the fresh sea air and amazing views of the North Devon coast and Bideford Bay. Looking further out right across the Bristol channel changes the views completely. On a good day you can even see the south coast of Wales from high above Clovelly on the coastal path. Consequently it is the ideal location for a snack, lunch or a Devon cream tea.  Arriving at Clovelly Visitor centre is your the start of the journey.

This ship, on show in the cafe, is an exact copy of a war ship that could be seen patrolling these waters during the 16th and 17th century. It is amazingly made from match sticks and took five years to complete. The builder shows a real passion for detail and a love of local history that just emulates from it. Looking above you there is a rowing boat known as a scull hanging from the ceiling. Its design and creation is from the Rous Family.  Learning more about it and see it in action just following this link . Consequently Marine life is part of everyday life in Clovelly. Creating so many links within the village that are seen everywhere.  



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