Cliff and coastal walks along this unspoilt coastline are situated in stunning coastal, woodland scenery. Enjoy a gentle stroll along Hobby Drive to the east.  It winds through glorious woodland with spectacular views of the sea and harbour far below.
Hobby drive is a three mile long driveway. It was created by Sir James Hamlyn Williams as part of the Romantic Movement of the early 19th century. Named “Hobby Drive” as it became an all-consuming hobby between 1811 and 1829.  It is a flat, easy walk along a wide track, but can be muddy and pot-holed. So before setting off from Clovelly village make sure you wear the right footwear!



The South West Coastal path to the west is a fairly leisurely ramble along this dramatic coastline. It passes by the magnificent Gallantry Bower headland rising 400 feet above the sea.

View Black Church Rock with its two vast windows carved through it by the tides at Mouthmill Cove. It is on the way to the Hartland penisula and was once the haunt of smugglers and many shipwrecks.

Clovelly countryside is rich in wildlife and carefully managed to ensure that it is kept in its natural condition. Home to badgers, Roe deer and a variety of birds, butterflies and small mammals. There are lovely seasonal displays of foxgloves, primroses, and bluebells.