You will find this museum, just beyond the New Inn.

Kingsley Museum is where you’ll meet Charles Kingsley sitting at his desk.  Listen to the celebrated actor and Clovelly resident, Joss Ackland, reciting one of Kingsley’s most moving poems. ‘The Three Fishers’ is a poem of their wives waiting in vain for their husbands to return during a terrible storm. It is a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by fishing communities.

Charles Kingsley lived in the village as a child and returned many times as an adult.  He stayed at what is now known as ‘Kingsley Cottage’ where he wrote ‘Westward Ho!’.  Clovelly also inspired him to write ‘The Water Babies’.

Two rooms with informative displays give insights into Clovelly’s history and Charles Kingsley’s links with Devon.  And there is a shop where you can buy a souvenir of your visit.  Along with a range of old-fashioned sweets, such as dolly mixtures, jelly babies, liquorice and humbugs.

‘The Three Fishers’, by Dan Britton, is a song adapted from the poem. In 1839, 21 men from Clovelly were lost at sea. They included three of his Britton family members; James Britton and his sons, John and James.

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