Clovelly’s first lifeboat station was built in 1870 after a disastrous storm, drowning many local fishermen and destroying their boats.

The Lifeboat Station is a vital base for a lifeboat as there was no safe shelter or mooring for many miles on this part of the North Devon coast. Hence launching the boats was always dangerous. Consequently they had to deal with huge waves crashing over the boats as they left the safety of the harbour. After the RNLI took Clovelly’s permanent lifeboat out of service, villagers set up their own inshore rescue boat. After eight years the RNLI returned, extending the boat shed and enhancing the inshore rescue service. The lifeboat house is often open to visitors.

Lifeboat Station

Clovelly helps and raises money for the RNLI every year in many ways. Such as serving RNLI bottled water in the restaurants and holding Lifeboat weekend every year to raise funds. The station is an integral part of the village so if a call comes in, members of the rescue team will be seen immediately dropping what they are doing to man the boat.  

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