The waters along the coast of North Devon are treacherous.  Down the centuries many  fishermen have lost their lives putting out to sea in pursuit of a living.

Look-out or Crows Nest, as many people call it, is situated down the village street overlooking Bideford Bay. In days gone by, the wives and families of Clovelly fishermen would gather there. Thus watching  nervously for sight of their loved ones returning.  The currents and waves along with darkening skies always caused much anxiety to all left on land.

These days it just offers visitors a perfect vantage point. So benefit from the walk, sit on the bench and just watch the world go by. Overhead you can watch the gulls glide by, busying themselves scavenging.

The Look-Out is a rare flat area in the village at the end of Oberammergau Cottage. It has a stunning panoramic view around the bay all the way to Saunton Sands and Baggy Point.  Use the telescope for close-up views.