The Methodist chapel path lies beside the New Inn.

Methodist chapel building with its whitewashed walls dates from around 1820. During the 18th century John Wesley inspired a strong Methodist movement in the West Country. His sermons were aimed at the heart as well as the mind. They seemed to make a direct appeal to Clovelly’s fishermen. Consequently they looked on the chapel more as a home than a church.
These days the chapel, with its serene interior washed a lime green, is a haven of peace away from the bustle of the village street.

The Methodist chapel has a fascinating video to watch.

There are two chapels in the village and one church at the top of Clovelly.  The chapels and working at sea became the same to those souls as fishing could be so treacherous in those days. Consequently it was not unusual for fishermen to pop into a chapel in those days prior to going out to sea. They also did the same on their return, mainly to give thanks for a safe trip. Clovelly has had many terrible losses at sea, however thankfully they have become significantly less today. 

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