Gallantry Bower is a dramatic headland 400 feet above the sea.

Wild, romantic Gallantry Bower gives magnificent views along the rugged North Devon coast and across to Lundy (‘Lundy’ means island of puffins). To the right you can see Bucks Mills, the next village along from Clovelly. The far headlands are Morte Point and Baggy Point.

Whilst standing on the breezy cliff top you can view the seabirds. These will probably include some graceful fulmars gliding above your head.
The ditch and humps at the summit of Gallantry Bower  are the remains of a Bronze Age bowl barrow (burial mound), some 3000 years old.

In the 19th century Gallantry Bower was a popular beauty spot.  Thus visitors to Clovelly Court Gardens  used to gather and enjoy these panoramic sea views.

The Clovelly Estate has recently cleared trees from the headland to restore the heathland and precious wildlife habitats.

Walkers along the the South West Coastal path enjoy these amazing views.  They can so often be found stopping for a picnic, hence making the most of this stunning location.