Photo by Guy Harrop 16/11/11. Clovelly harbourmaster Stephen Perham whose family have been fishing for Herring for over 200 years pulls in the days catch on an early morning tide, North Devon. He is a 6th generation herring fisherman and his fish will supply the annual Clovelly Herring festival this weekend which attracts thousands of people each year to the old smugglers village. The fishing village originally worked over 80 herring boats employing over 200 men, today , there are just 2 boats fishing for herring. This season has been exceptionally good with boats landing record numbers.

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Photo by Guy Harrop 17/11/13. Bringing in the catch at Clovelly herring festival, Devon, UK. The fishing village once depended on the harvest of herring, which are caught in superb condition for a short season off its coast with records going back over 400 years. Now there are just two herring fishermen who still employ sustainable fishing methods using drift nets and long lines. Pictured is herring fisherman Chris Braund unloading his nets in Clovelly at the festival.

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