Cannon discovered on Clovelly Harbour beach

Whilst replacing the posts in the harbour on 17th April with his brother, Stephen, Tommy Perham spotted something whilst the digger was digging holes for the posts.  When investigated, they discovered that it wasn’t a pipe, as initially thought, but in fact a cannon! When Tommy chipped away most of the rust, it was believed to date back to the 19th century. More information awaited.

Clovelly wins Landlord of the Year

Clovelly Estate is honoured and humbled to have been the outright WINNER of the Landlord/Housing Association Award.  This was presented at the Annual Award Ceremony at Filton, Bristol on 29th March. Cottages in the historic picturesque fishing village of Clovelly do not have the ”built in” thermal efficiency of modern homes.  To address this, Clovelly Estate embarked three years ago on a programme of retrofitting measures including draught proofing, loft insulation, sloping

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Cliff descaling work

Following a fall of loose stones from the cliff on the back road near to the harbour at the end of July 2018, Clovelly Estate consulted its geotechnical experts. No imminent danger was foreseen, but it was recommended that the vegetation was removed.    Following that operation, it was recommended that as a precaution, 6′ stainless steel rock anchors should be drilled into the rock face and clad in chain

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The Red Lion Hotel gets a new look!

The further major renovations of the Red Lion Hotel completed at the end March 2019.   The reception area refurbished using our much loved local Delabole slate as the flooring (admittedly Cornish – but we cannot have everything in Devon). The reception desk picks up on our maritime tradition.  And behind, there is an enlarged map of Devon dating back to the 16th century, from the owning family’s archives.   There

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RNLI Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble, 5th May

Run with 12ish wobbly off road miles of Devon hills for charity. The RNLI Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble will take you on a trip through time with special access to the Clovelly estate. You will take gentle undulations on fire roads through plantations, trails weaving through woodland, challenging climbs and technical descents. The course will find you running through the ancient woodland of Brownsham woods with a lot of elevation

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‘Devon and Cornwall’ filming by True North for More4

(Photo of Black Church Rock, Clovelly) This series will be going out weekly, starting on Monday 1st April at 9 pm on More4. 3 days filming at Clovelly in August 2018 was covering the life of the village and what goes on behind the scenes.   Clovelly now features in Episodes 1, 2, 5 and 6.  The filming of the climb up Black Church Rock (Mouthmill Cove to the West of

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Britain in Bloom, BBC2, 26 March. Clovelly, winner of National Gold Award 2018, to feature in this series. Ellie Jarvis.

Episode 2, presented by Chris Bavin, was aired on 26, March 2019 and can still be viewed for 22 days This programme explored the particular challenges of gardening in Clovelly and the often creative ways that residents approach ‘Bloom’. Imagine the effort involved in sledging materials such as gravel, decking, compost etc. to their cottages! Presenter Chris Bavin spent time in the village, filming members of the Clovelly Community Gardening

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Lentsherd, Shrove Tuesday. Ellie Jarvis

Despite the challenging circumstances of torrential rain, which impacted the numbers of children and parents attending, it actually turned out to be very enjoyable! Spotlight and Westcountry TV came to film and managed to create lovely pieces, one live and one pre-recorded for an hour later.    They spoke to several children, and others attending including The Hon. John Rous. There was a lovely atmosphere and it was in fact delightful! 

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“All Over The Place” episode, CBBC channel, 16:30, Monday 11 March

This was secret filming for the BBC on 1st October 2018.  The production team spent the day filming Clovelly and the donkeys.   We can now mention the name of the programme on our website and social media. The presenters, Ed Petrie and Naomi Wilkinson, were very happy to pose for photos at the time. The show will remain on the CBBC I-player for 29 days after the live broadcast on

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Refurbishment of Red Lion Hotel bars and reception

The Red Lion Hotel situated on the harbour wall is undertaking further major renovations.  The Harbour Bar and reception area are expected to be completed by 8th March and the Snug Bar by 29th March. The reception area is being refurbished using our much loved local Delabole slate as the flooring.  Delabole slate is admittedly Cornish – but we cannot have everything in Devon.  A reception desk picks up on

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