Rooms at the Red Lion are beautifully furnished. Their design is in perfect synergy with the hotel’s nautical history and every room has a sea view.

In 2011 the Sail Loft adjacent to  the Red lion was turned into 6 beautiful luxury bedrooms that have the best views going. They all look out across Bideford Bay so you can watch yachts and fishing boats coming and going from the village.


Sail Loft Superior Rooms

Room 14.  Family with double or twin beds and twin beds for children. Accessibility-friendly wet-room.                                             

Room 15                                                                                               Room 16

Room 17  with double or twin beds                                           Room 17

Room 18                                                                                           Room 18                                     

Room 19

Red Lion Rooms with two superior rooms

Room 1.  Also available with twin beds                                  Room 2

Room 3                                                                                        Room 4. Superior with double or twin beds

Room 5                                                                                         Room 6

Room 7                                                                                         Room 8                                                                                      

Room 9.  Family room                                                             Room 10.  Dog friendly.

Room 12.  Dog friendly