New Inn rooms

This stunning little Inn is set in the heart of the village.

Rooms, at the Inn, make you feel you are very much part of this historic village. Come and stay here to walk along the South West Coast Path, take a trip to Lundy or simply explore the rest of Northern Devon. 


                              Room 4                                                                                   Room 6                                                                                     Room 2

                              Room 5                                                                                 Room 8                                                                                         Room 7

                                 Room 1                                                                                     Room 3

Some rooms boast roof top views to the sea and others with views ‘Up-a-Long’, ‘Down-a-Long’ the village. You will find that the bedrooms are unpretentious, well designed and very functional. The New Inn’s charm lies in its layout and décor. Christine Hamlyn, previous owner of Clovelly, had it rebuilt over a 100 years ago in the style of the fabled English designer, William Morris. The owner today, The Hon. John Rous, her Great grand nephew, has since had it refurbished. As a result it remains faithful to the original Arts and Crafts era. In addition, it retains the history and culture of the village for future generations.