The Red Lion

The building stands gracefully on the quay. 

Rooms at the Red Lion are beautifully furnished. Their design is in perfect synergy with the hotel’s nautical history. It is deservedly popular for holidays and romantic getaways. .

At the beginning of the 18th Century the building was as a cider and beer house. The beer house become a hotel in the late 18th Century when the building above became bedrooms. In 2011 the Sail Loft adjacent to  the Red lion was turned into 6 beautiful luxury bedrooms that have the best views going. They all look out across Bideford Bay so you can watch yachts and fishing boats coming and going from the village.

The bedrooms in the old Red Lion are all different. Some are cosy doubles whilst others have stunning balconies overlooking the bay and harbour. They vary in shape and size. Consequently they offer charming and somewhat unconventional accommodation in today’s market. They are also beautifully designed with the focus being on its maritime history. 

Sail Loft Rooms


                                 Room 17                                                                              Room 17                                                               


                               Room 18                                                                                     Room 18

                              Room 19                                                                         Room 14,  Family with twin bed

                                     Room 15                                                                               Room 16                                                  


Red Lion Rooms

                         Room 5                                                                                     Room 6                                                                                      Room 7

                                 Room 4                                                                                             Room 12                                                                               Room 1

                               Room 2                                                                                        Room 3                                                                                 Room 8

                                 Room 9                                                                                                          Room 10