Clovelly Village Tours

Since 2012 Clovelly Village Tours has been bringing the history and stories of this famous little village to the public.

Village Tours at Clovelly are a “must do” for anyone truly interested in how this village has managed to stand the test of time and remain a charmingly quiet community.

Jana Edwards, from Canada, has always been passionate about Clovelly history, but she is now away.  So Brad Brunsdon, Charles Kingsley actor at Kingsley’s Bicentenary, agreed to take over her village tours.

Clovelly Village Tours

He will also bring to life the history and lives of ancestors who lived in Clovelly. Consequently you will come away with stories and information that make the village tour an exceptional experience. Hence it will leave you with wonderful memories and the great satisfaction of time well spent.

It is the Clovelly Village Tour EXPERIENCE that makes your visit something to remember and cherish forever!

A tour costs £5 per person with children under 10 free.

To book your private tour with Brad Brunsdon:
Tel: Visitor Centre: 01237 431781