Help a donkey by adopting one for a year

Your adoption will also help Sue and Bart Kelly to care for their elderly and retired donkeys. Just like humans, donkeys need more care as they get older. Their oldest donkeys, Isaac and Daniel, are in their thirties and they hope they will reach 40!

Adoption costs £15 and includes:

• An Adoption Certificate

• Your name on a plaque on the door of your donkey’s stable

• 6 colour photos of your donkey including an A4 sized laminated print

• 6 Free Donkey Ride vouchers (to use when you visit Clovelly)

• Notelets featuring your donkey

• The option to have your photo on the Clovelly Donkeys website with your donkey

• 10% discount on donkey gifts.

During the year you will receive:

A Newsletter, a Birthday Card, and a Christmas Card.

Mini-Adoption costs £8 and includes:

An Adoption Certificate and 6 colour photos of your donkey; 3 Free Donkey Ride vouchers, a pack of notelets featuring your donkey, a Newsletter, Birthday Card and Christmas Card