Meet the Donkeys

To Donkey Lovers Everywhere. Come and meet the donkeys at Clovelly on its famous cobbled streets. 

Meet the donkeys should almost be at the very top of your agenda when visiting Clovelly. They are an amazing herd of donkeys in Clovelly. We believe they must all be multi lingual as they all get on yet com from all over the place.

There are ten that are English, One from Wales, one Irish and two from France. They are all donkeys except for one single mule – lucky chap!

You can always help our donkeys in their retirement by adopting a donkey. They are not owned by the estate any more. These days Sue and Bart Kelly run the sanctuary looking after them and treating these amazing animals as part of their family.  You can arrange for your children to have a ride or even hire one for your wedding, walking in front of your procession to or from the church and down or up the village. 

When visiting Clovelly you will come into the car park and the first welcome you may get is from these donkeys. They move around from field to field for a change of scenery and fresh grass.