Why do we charge entry to the village?

Clovelly is a privately owned village and the same family has been the custodians for over 300 years. The volume of people wishing to visit the village each year brings ever growing wear and tear to all areas. The challenge is to keep Clovelly timeless, whilst remaining a living, breathing, working village. Built on a 400ft cliff, with no access for modern transport, and also open to the general public, add greatly to the costs.

We wish to share with you a few, often overlooked hidden costs, that your entrance fees go towards helping us to maintain the village for future generations.

· Exterior decoration costs – £207,000 over the last 2 years

· Building upgrades and modernisation required for the village to look after its visitors – £412,700 over three years

· Resurfacing of the car parks and signage over last 3 years – £170,000

· Cliff stabilisation to stop loose rocks falling and protect visitors and residents – £182,200 over the last 4 years

· Stonework in the village – £76,000 over 3 years

· Upkeep of the Harbour wall and quay over the last 4 years – £50,000

· Upgrading village glazing, insulation, drainage etc. to ensure it is retained for future generations – £330,000

· Clovelly Court Gardens and glasshouses improvements – £30,000 each year

These are all ongoing programmes. Every year the village faces growing challenges to maintain this historic site, so we hope this demonstrates the need to charge an entrance fee.