Visiting Clovelly

It clings to a 400 foot cliff in North Devon and has no vehicular traffic on its steeply cobbled street, just donkeys and sledges. 

Visiting Clovelly is such a special experience. It is a beautiful picturesque fishing village, steeped in maritime atmosphere and history and was once owned by the Queen of England.
Its flower-strewn cottages “tumble like a waterfall” down a cleft in the cliff to the ancient working port.  There are breathtaking views down-a-long the traffic-free high street. The street is unique with just its donkeys and sledges. And the working harbour, with its 14th century quay, is another scene to be captured as a treasured memory.

The village is great for visitors, groups. and educational parties. It promises visitors a wonderful day out, full of memories.The village’s accessibility can be challenging so we have created a guide for your use.  And staying a night or two is a very good thing to do.

There is a must-see film show of the history of the village, access to craft workshops for silk and pottery, Charles Kingsley and Fisherman’s Cottage museums, seeing the famous donkeys, two welcoming inns.  Plus Clovelly Court Gardens at the top of the village.  There is also a free Fun Trail for children who could win a prize.

You can even book a private guided tour with Jana Edwards. She is a mine of information about village history and traditions.  Trip Advisor comments suggest a Clovelly tour is a “MUST”.  It is also very reasonably priced.  Email:  Tel:  0797  4134701. 

Visit any of the annual festivals such as “Seaweed” June, “Maritime” July, “Lobster and Crab” September and “Herring” November and there is no extra charge

Adult: £7.75
Child: £4.50 (ages 7 to 16)
Family: £21.00 (2 adults, 2 children)
Children under 7 years of age, free. 
Dogs on leads welcome.
Fare paying Land Rover service available Easter to October.
The standard admission charge includes a free return visit within 7 days, providing you bring your purchased ticket/s to show to the Visitor Centre reception.
Season ticket per calendar year:  £25 per adult and £60 per family (2A+2C).
Open all year except for Christmas. Free entry on Boxing Day.
Summer opening hours:  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
For other opening hours, please contact Visitor Centre reception:  01237 431781

Visiting Clovelly

Clovelly from Panoptic Motion on Vimeo.