A Heritage tomato collection for sale. Lucy Halliday, Head Gardener

A Heritage Tomato Collection

There is a selection of a Heritage tomato collection as plants for sale. These are pieces of history, each with their own story and a taste of the past. You can save your own seed from the plants and pass them on or keep these horticultural heirlooms alive next year. There are 35 varieties for sale in the gardens and at the Visitor Centre. They cover pink, red, purple, yellow, white, green and orange varieties with all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are about 350 plants.

Boxing Day BBQ – 26th December

With FREE entrance into the village all day, the Clovelly Boxing Day BBQ should make the perfect follow-up to your Christmas Day with all your family and friends.

Enjoy a BBQ with live music on the quay. Cooking starts at midday and the live music runs from 1pm to 3pm.