Coastal Walks

Coastal Path

The South West Coast Path

The South west Coast Path is Englands longest (and most loved!) National Trail. It runs 630 miles along the coast and passes right through Clovelly!

Things to look out of on the coast path:

  • Summer house
  • Cave
  • Angels Wings
  • Lime kiln 
  • Cabin

Woodland Walk

The Woodland Walk, or fondly known as the Long Walk to locals, takes you from the Village to the Clovelly Court Gardens. Here you’ll find many ancient trees including a Ginkgo Tree (one of the oldest living species of trees in the world).

Hobby Drive

Built in 18th century as a Hobby it has some of the best views of Clovelly!

Seaweed Festival – Sunday 26th May 2024

You will be amazed at the world of seaweed!

Just a stone’s throw from the Red Lion, along the Quay, we’ll be hosting a variety of stalls selling a range of seaweed products and dishes. Expect live street entertainment and music.

10am – 5pm

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