Craft Workshops

Exceptional North Devon family-run craft workshops

Take a short walk down the path from the Visitor Centre, and you’ll find the craft workshops next to the donkey stables. They are well worth visiting whilst staying in this lovely part of Devon. Also to take home some stylish and unique gifts for friends and family.

Clovelly Silk

One of the highlights of the Clovelly Silk range is from Rex Whistler’s 1930s beautiful illustrations of Clovelly. Whistler, a celebrated artist, was a good friend of the Hamlyns and often stayed with them at Clovelly Court. At 35, he joined the army during WWII and kept a tin of his paint brushes hanging off the side of his tank.  He was later sadly killed by a mortar bomb, the first fatality suffered by the battalion in the Normandy campaign

This stylish fabric, skilfully created by Ann Jarvis, is available in six beautiful colours. Consequently they are all exclusive to the Silk Shop. Also the Red Lion bedspreads depict Whistler’s six charming views.

Clovelly Pottery

Clovelly Pottery started in 1992 by Clive Pearson. Clive is well-known in North Devon for his vivid colours, beautifully glazes and hand-thrown pots. As a result each pot is hand-engraved and dated. Buying one, gives you a unique piece of art as well as a lovely memory of your visit.

Clovelly Pottery also stocks a range of high-quality decorative ceramics and domestic ware, including slipware-decorated earthenware pots with imaginative, quirky details by resident potter, Caroline Curtis.

Clovelly Soap

Sarah Harper has such passion for making natural, ethical, sustainable soaps. After supplying soap to local high-end London shops, she and her husband decided to move to Clovelly. Sarah then took inspiration from their surroundings. Hence they decided to expand the range to include popular seaweed soaps, fragrant candles, bath bombs and soap sets. 

For opening times, please check with the Visitor Centre on 01237 431781 or email: