Presentation of the Cyril Webber Cup to Sadie Davies

Photo taken by Ellie Jarvis.  L-R: Quinton Davies, John Webber, Sadie Davies, Gary Readman, Simon de Burgh, The Hon. John Rous

The formal presentation of the engraved Cyril Webber Cup to Sadie Davies took place on Clovelly’s Apple Day at the Red Lion Harbour Bar on 23rd October. Sadie was the first lady and only the fourth person to have achieved the formidable feat of completing the 15 mile swim from Hartland Point to Lundy last August. She raised more than £6000 for her chosen charities.

The Cup was presented to Sadie by John Webber (son of Cyril Webber), attended by Gary Readman (who swam to Lundy from Hartland Point with Steve Maclure in September 2017); Simon De Burgh, her trainer; Quinton Davies, her husband, The Hon. John Rous, owner of Clovelly and others.

Sadie’s challenge next summer is to explore the coastline around North Devon and swim from Clovelly to Westward Ho!

Two Torridge Businesses Commended at National Awards

Clovelly Estate Company and Mitchell & Dickinson Ltd were Highly Commended at the National energy efficiency awards in Birmingham on Friday 27th of September for insulating the entire historic village of Clovelly.

The awards ceremony, run by the Energy Efficiency Association, was presented by actor and comedian James Nesbitt OBE and television presenter Dan Walker.  The awards recognise the highest achievements in the UK in the fields of insulation and the retrofitting of Britain’s old housing stock.  The project to insulate the village of Clovelly is recognised as an example of success in one of the most hard to treat and historically sensitive villages in the UK.  As well as winning multiple awards, the project has attracted attention from National organisations including the Country Landowners Association, National Trust, Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the Government Department for Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy.

Mitchell & Dickinson Ltd, head-quartered in Bideford, employs 30 staff and sends teams of craftsman all across Southern England to install the low hanging fruit of insulation in period and listed properties. Measures include sheep wool loft insulation, elegant draft proofing, sloping ceiling insulation, restoration, and their unique CosyGlazing advanced secondary glazing system. National interest has been generated by the secondary glazing system which won the Chartered Institute of Building Sustainability Award amongst other awards.  The system uses plexiglass and magnetic tape together with a range of custom fittings to produce an ultra-efficient, virtually-invisible secondary glazing system that allows windows to open as usual.

The project to insulate the 115 listed cottages in Clovelly is nearing completion after four years of work.  Residents have claimed fuel bills have dropped by up to 50%, outstanding results for listed properties.  Founding Director Mukti Mitchell said “insulating Clovelly has been a tremendous technical and logistical challenge given that every sheet of plexiglass and roll of installation has to be carried into the village by hand or put on a sledge. To hear that tenants have experienced fuel bills reducing by up to 50% is gratifying after all our hard work. We have been very privileged to work with the Clovelly Estate Company to undertake this project.  I greatly admire the foresight of The Hon. John Rous, whose commitment to the village has made this ground-breaking project possible. Together we have brought the village into the 21st Century, while preserving its character and beauty.”

As well as making householders warmer and saving fuel bills Mitchell and Dickinson has saved 10,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted since the company was started in 2010.  Mukti Mitchell started the company after doing an internship in parliament where he heard MPs asking “how are we going to insulate Britain’s old housing stock because this is a real headache and vital to achieve the national carbon reduction targets by 2050.”  Mukti has been living a low Carbon lifestyle for 25 years and also gives talks on how reducing your carbon footprint improves your quality of life.  Mukti commented “It is astounding how people are waking up to the importance of saving energy today, thanks to heroes like David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.  10 years ago we had to sit people down for a long cup of tea to explain why insulating their home was a good idea. Today the phone is ringing like never before and people want to know exactly how much carbon dioxide will be saved by insulating their home as well as how much money they will save on heating bills. Happily insulating your home can save up to 2 tons of CO2 per person per year and David Attenborough says it is the best thing you can do to reduce climate change. It also makes you snug and warm and gives a higher return on investment than most other investments today, so it’s win-win-win.” 

Chef Sanjay Kumar – an expert on the panel of BBC Radio 4 Food Programme

Chef Sanjay Kumar has been our great Cookery Demonstrator at the Lobster & Crab Feast for years. 

When invited to Sheila Dillon’s Food Programme, BBC Radio 4, on 29 September he was one of the experts on the panel to discuss the role of food additives in our everyday lives and diets.
He also referred to his daughter’s needs for particular food additives.

Sanjay Kumar, Lobster & Crab Feast
You can listen to it by following this link, which is available for over a year.

Clovelly Maritime Festival

Sunday 21st July 2024

Watch the exciting Clovelly Cup yacht rally against a backdrop of live music, street entertainment, activities and games for the whole family. Join us for a day full of fun, all in aid of The Mission to Seafarers.